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CategoryServiceService Description
Cleansing and ValidatingUK Address CleansingData cleansing and standardisation will improve the quality of your database.
It will correct errors and miss-spellings and add missing information whilst ensuring all information is in a standard format.

Benefits of UK Address Cleansing
• Campaigns which use accurate name and address data have a higher response rate
• Suppressing and enhancing your data is cost effective and easier using clean, standardised data
• Costly mail returns are reduced through address accuracy

GBGroup uses the Royal Mail PAF Database for UK Address Matching
ER Residency ValidationIndicates the success of verifying the names and addresses supplied against the Enhanced Edited Electoral Roll.
Telephone Number ValidationWe have access to a wide range of telephone number sources that can be used to check whether a telephone number is active or inactive. We can also bring back additional information i.e.if it is a business number, PAYG mobile number including network and country that the mobile is registered to and currently in.
Suppression ServicesDeceased InformationRemoves or flags records in your database that appear on various deceased files. Provides further information where available, including date of death and a confidence level.
Goneaway InformationFlags or removes records that appear on Goneaway files. This suggests that the individual has moved away from the existing address.
Mail Preference Service (MPS)Flags or removes records that appear on that Mail Preference File as 'Do Not Contact'.
Telephone Preference Service (TPS)Flags or removes records that appear on the Telephone Preference File as 'Do Not Contact'.
De-duplication ServicesRemoves or flags duplicate records in your file.
National Change of Address (NCOA)Stop wasting money on customers who have moved away.
With data from Royal Mail’s Redirection services, NCOA® Suppress tells you when your customers leave their addresses. With around 43 million entries and about 100,000 records added every month, NCOA Suppress can help you:
• update data quickly and regularly
• remove gone-aways from your address list
• optimise your marketing spend by using only up-to-date customer information.
Enhancement ServicesDate of Birth Appending
Add missing dates of birth information to your file.
Email Address Appending
Append Email Addresses from a pool of 25 Million consented emails.
Consented Telephone Number Appending
Adds consented telephone numbers to your existing contacts. Available for both Landline and Mobile Numbers.
Electoral Roll Names AppendingAppend names from the Electoral Roll to details of an address.
UK Telephone Number Database (Osis) AppendingAppend telephone numbers which are sources from the BT osis file.
Multi-Residency FlagThe multiple residency database from the Royal Mail identifies properties where there is one delivery point however there are multiple residencies sitting behind this. For example older properties which have been converted into apartments.


The most profitable and successful organisations recognise the value of understanding the individual identity of their customers and employees. GBG combines this concept of identity with technology to create an environment of trust, so that organisations can employ people and connect, communicate and transact with consumers, safely and responsibly.