Review the quality of your customer database and see how GBG can help cleanse, validate, flag or enhance your records.

Free Data Audit


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?   

A data audit to assess the quality of your file is completely free with Datacare. Once you receive the results of your free audit you will able to view the prices for each individual service and choose which of the cleansed data records you want to purchase.

Can I pay by credit card?   

Yes, credit card payments are available. If you wish to pay via this method please get in touch with GBGroup via 01244 - 657264 to speak to an account manager. If you prefer we can also set up a credit account which can be billed monthly.

Do you provide international cleansing?  

We do provide international address cleansing services through our bureau services team. If you are interested in this service please drop our bureau team an email at

Do you have a minimum order?    

Yes, currently it is £5 plus VAT for online services.

How many free audits can I process?   

There is no limit to the amount of audits you can process proving it falls within our fair usage policy.

What are your source files?

GBGroup uses a breadth of services in order to provide you with the best data. For a list a services which we offer please refer to the services section.

What is the difference between flagging and suppression?

Suppressing data removes all records identified from your data whereas flagging will not remove the data and mark your record with a notification:

Suppress is usually used from one-off mail shots to reduce the cost of your mailing. It is the most cost effective way to remove the records but is only a one off and does not allow you to understand you data better.

As best practice we suggest Flagging. Flagging allows you to use the results again and again, and increase your return on investment. Many customers create a goneaway file that they can periodically check against our movers service to update information and re-engage with
lost customers.

What do you do with my data once I have submitted it online?

If you purchase data it is archived within the Datacare service for 90 days before deletion from our servers. 

What format does the data come in?

We supply data in CSV format and also output cleansed data in CSV unless requested otherwise.

How long does it take to supply the data?

Data is supplied immediately after received payment.

How do I reset my password?

Please get in touch with and we will reset your password for you.

How do I register?

You can register yourself. Click here to register

How do I submit a file for processing?    

Submitting a file with Datacare is quick and easy and you will be guided step by step through the process. Before you get started please make sure that your file is in the right format as Datacare can only process files in Delimited or Compressed Delimited format.


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